Matching Couples Outfits: Should You Try it in Your Marriage?

kim kardashian kanye matching couple

Coming off of the VMAs a couple of weeks ago, something odd was noticeable. It wasn’t Miley’s ridiculous costumes or N­icki Minaj’s showgirl styled opening number, it was the high profile couples sporting matching ensembles. Matching couples looks aren’t anything new. Jennifer Aniston often wears a feminized version of her husband’s outfit; and who could forget Britney and Justin’s denim formal wear from the 2001 American Music Awards? With matching looks being almost commonplace among celebrity relationships, it begs the question: should you do matching looks in your marriage? The answer is, it depends. Is this look something both of you can be comfortable with?

I personally recommend against the idea. Why? Because it’s easy to look goofy. However, it can happen by accident. After a number of years together, a couple starts to share habits, schedules, and style. It’s not uncommon for a couple to dress and later realize they look the same without any planning whatsoever. To this I say, let it go. Have a laugh if you realize what you’ve done and move forward. Chances are nobody around you will notice.

A few tips to plan couples outfits without looking silly:

1. Avoid being matchy – matchy

Don’t wear the exact same thing! For example a leather jacket/white t-shirt/jeans combination is a perfectly fine unisex outfit, but not when both halves of the couple are wearing it. Try picking a color scheme (say shades of blue), or a style (like punk or preppy) to make a coordinated look that feels natural and not hokey. 

kim kanye matching outfit

2. Be selective

Don’t overdo the matching thing. By keeping the couples look fun (and reserved for a special occasion), it won’t look like you’re trying to be each other.

john and chrissy matching couple

3. Halloween is the best time

Couples costumes are adorable. Think of Fred and Wilma, Jack and Sally, Raggedy Ann and Andy. Clearly, halloween is the best time to be creative and do something fun. This is the best time of the year to test out the matching couples look and see if the idea is even one that makes sense for you and your spouse.

fred and wilma

Kanye and Kim, John and Chrissy, celebrities love to go over the top with their looks, even as couples. In real life, matching needs to happen either organically or for a very good reason. When couples ensembles happen too often, your marriage can venture into cutesy or cheesy territory. If you and your spouse enjoy doing silly things together, dressing alike may be right up your alley.

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