Married for 82 Years: Secrets to Marriage Longevity

Secrets to marriage longevity

Tracy, California couple Nicholas and Rafaela Ordaz recently celebrated their 82nd wedding anniversary. Yes, 82 beautiful years together! Many of you are probably reading this and can’t even imagine being married for so long. The lovely couple have literally spent a lifetime together and are still so in love. According to their granddaughter, Leticia Ordaz, their connection is, “quite remarkable” and went on to say, “In every picture, they’re holding hands or trying to kiss each other.” It is quite apparent that Nicholas and Rafaela are doing something right. Fortunately, they along with their granddaughter Leticia took some time to reveal the secrets of their lasting marriage.

Mutual respect

Couples that respect each other stay together. Sharing a life requires that spouses respect one another’s decisions, thoughts, ideas and opinions. Positive language, receptiveness and understanding are key.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

No one is perfect! Spouses will annoy each other with their habits and quirks. That is part of married life. Allowing these small irritants to become larger ones and blowing things out of proportion is pointless.  Why put a damper on an otherwise healthy relationship and ultimately hurt the marriage? Instead, focus on the positive, take the measures necessary to grow as a husband/wife and learn to appreciate your love. It worked for Nicholas and Rafaela.


When discussing her grandparents, Leticia also stated that the couple take care of each other. At Mr. Ordaz’s 102nd birthday party he, “kept looking around to see if she (Rafaela) had gotten any cake yet. She has diabetes — she can’t really have cake! But he wanted them to experience it together.” The subtlest gestures are best at displaying care. That care and wanting your spouse to be there to share life’s moments promotes a healthy marriage and acts as the glue that keeps two people together.


Although Nicholas and Rafaela have not broken a Guinness World Record, their marriage shows that longevity is possible. True love, mutual respect, not sweating the small stuff and just caring for one another keeps the bond, romance and passion alive. Focus on maintaining a strong connection with your spouse and just enjoy being with him/her. Having the opportunity to share a life and grow with someone is incredible.

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