Marriage Longevity and Education: A Correlation

Marriage longevity and education

According to statistics, all marriages have a 50/50 chance of making it to 20 years. For some this is discouraging but researchers at the National Center for Health Statistics have discovered a link between a college education and lasting marriages. They found that 78% of married women who wed for the first time between the years 2006 and 2010 can expect their unions to last a minimum of 20 years while 40% of women with a high school education or less are expected to meet this minimum. As for men, 65% can expect their marriage to last 20+ years compared to 50% for those with a high school diploma.


These numbers are very interesting but the reasoning is even more so. Although not addressed in the study, the reasons are obvious. For one, those with a college education are less likely to marry at a young age. With school, studying and striving towards a dream career, a large portion choose to settle down later in life. This is mainly because they want to achieve their goals like establishing themselves in their selected field. Another possible reason is an increase in the number of individuals that are financially stable. Money can easily become an issue in marriage and will create tension in the relationship. When finances are not a problem, this major stressor is removed from the equation. Married couples are better able to strive when livelihood isn’t a huge concern.

Does education impact problem solving and communication skills?

Yes! A college education improves communication and problem solving skills which both impact the longevity of a marriage. While earning a degree, individuals hone these skills. They are absolute musts to keep up in a professional environment and have a positive impact on how spouses interact. Communication is required to maintain the bond between spouses since, communication along with problem solving skills, makes it easier for couples to get through tough times. Clear and concise communication will make a marriage last and even more importantly, keep spouses happy and feeling heard/understood. As for problem solving, all spouses can benefit from having the ability to access issues and come up with a solution.


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