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  • Low Expectations = Happy Marriage?

    Low expectations = happy marriage

    Are you unhappy with your marriage?  Are you always fretting about what should be and what shouldn’t be happening in your relationship?  Are you getting sick and tired of waiting for the things that you think you deserve to have?  If your answer is “yes” to all these questions, then you are a slave to your own expectations.


    The secret to a happy marriage is to have low expectations.  If you learn to accept things as they come and not expect too much from your relationship or your partner,  you will find a sense of peace and happiness. Here’s what you can do:


    Keep it simple

    As a Christian couple,  your happiness should not depend on material things.   Learn to live a simple life and you will begin to want less. As long as all your needs are fulfilled, you can be happy and content.  Be able to differentiate your needs from your wants.  Know what is truly important and cut off all vices and luxury that cause you unnecessary expenses. You will be able to manage your budget better and you will have less arguments about money.


    Life is unpredictable

    It is okay to have dreams and plans for the future. But you should not get disappointed when things don’t go your way. Remember that life is unpredictable, and God has his own plan for you and your spouse. You have to accept that things can go wrong sometimes. Trust that everything happens for a reason. Have faith that something good is in store for you, if you learn how to patiently wait for things to fall into place.


    Nobody is perfect

    There is no such thing as a perfect spouse. Your partner may disappoint you at some point in your marriage. Just remember that you are not perfect yourself, and your spouse may have disappointments of you too. Expect less from your partner and learn to accept each other more.


    Live in the now

    Couples become unhappy when they look back to what could have been and begin to feel regret. They feel bad also when they look too far ahead in the future and count the things that they do not have yet. Learn to live in the now. Be happy and thankful for what you have. Try to see the good things that are happening in your life. Once you learn to be more grateful, you will learn to appreciate your marriage more.

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