Finding Your ‘Happy’ And Keeping It

Finding Your ‘Happy’ And Keeping It

Did you know you that  you have the power to make yourself happy?  Happiness is defined as; feeling, joyful, content, choice, pleasure, state of mind. Happy is temporary.

Therefore, happy is something that by definition you can accomplish by yourself.  As in you making the choice to be happy. After all, it is your constitutional right to “pursue your happiness.”

You don’t have depend on a husband, a boyfriend,  a girlfriend, or anyone else to give this to you.

When was the last time you chose to be happy?

Happiness is not an entitlement, extravagant or a reward. It is not a prize to be  won. It is in the here and now. You need to be self aware to open yourself at the right moment, to receive it  when it happens for you.

  • Happy is that song that reminds you of that special someone. It brings you immediate joy and relaxation.
  • Happy is spending time with the people you love.
  • Happy is getting a massage.
  • Happy times should be relished and not taken for granted. You should make mental notes of these moments, and try them again and again. Remember, you are the only one that can make you happy. You are the one who chooses that moment to be happy when you heard that song, instead of feeling sad because that person is possibly no longer around. You choose to wear the red dress instead of the black one because of how it makes you feel.

To be happy, you have to first acknowledge and accept that you are worthy of happiness no matter what your circumstances may be. You have to be gentle and kind with yourself and allow yourself the happiness you deserve.

How do you do that?  

  • Stop feeling guilty. It is not your responsibility to make the world happy. Everyone is responsible for their own happiness.
  • You need to give your all to you, before you can give your all to anyone else. You need to make you happy, before you can make anyone else happy.
  • Happy is free – “just choose it.”  
  • Happy is spending time alone, listening and hearing yourself. Reflecting on what you have just learned about yourself and then, living it.

You need more to comprehend how to make yourself happy

Know what you are searching for to feel happy. Know what is hidden beyond the happiness. Is it a person, is it a memory, it is a fantasy, is it satisfaction?  A happy person knows how to create and live a positive experience. This makes you feel good, and helps you develop your skills and leaves you feeling optimistic and fulfilled.

Realize that ALL your encounters in life are a part of a bigger puzzle, which is your journey in this life. You must solve them and bring them together, and put them side by side to see the big picture. If you lose a piece, you will never comprehend the big picture, and you will always be unhappy, sad, depressed, anxious, as a piece of your life will always be missing.

Jacqueline is an experienced mental health therapist and licensed counselor. She offers family and couples counseling services, she helps people struggling with problems such as depression, anxiety,stress, conflict, grief, trauma and other mental disorders. She makes her clients feel comfortable, lets them explore their feelings and relieves their problems.
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