Can your Marriage Survive Addiction Recovery?

Marriage Survive Addiction Recovery

Addiction is hard in so many ways and affects so many lives. Those with the disease along with their loved ones face challenges on a regular basis. Addiction is especially hard on spouses. Dealing with addiction in a marriage is difficult and may even leave couples asking, “Can we get through this?” It does take a toll but a marriage can get through anything when there is a strong foundation and a lot of love. One example of a couple that survived addiction recovery is Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban. A few months after marrying in 2006, Urban chose to enter rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. Although his addiction recovery was a tough obstacle to overcome, their marriage survived and yours can too.


Support each other to save your marriage


Addiction recovery requires support. Your vows included, “for better or for worse” which means you and your spouse must work to get through struggles. One of the best ways to handle addiction recovery is supporting each other. Support is a two way street. Not only should the person receiving treatment be supported but the one with the substance abuse problem should support their spouse as much as they possibly can. The one receiving treatment is taking the steps required to overcome their addiction, which is huge, and their spouse must be there for them. Treatment handles the addition but support from loved ones boosts its effects. As for the person struggling with addiction, he/she can be supportive by being honest, considering their partner’s feelings and keeping the lines of communication open every step of the way.


Set sights on a positive outcome


In addition to supporting one another, the chance of a marriage surviving addiction recovery increases when it is viewed as more of a journey required to get to a good place rather than a situation consumed by negativity. Addiction is bad and involves powerful emotions including anger, sadness and resentment but setting sights on a positive outcome can make a challenging situation better. The recovery stage of addiction is also a time for couples to strengthen their bond.


Having the ability to get through hard times indicates a strong marriage that can survive anything.

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