A Timeless Cake For an Eternal Couple

A timeless cake for an eternal couple

Ann and Ken’s marriage is a match made in heaven. They met at the Syracuse University in New York for the first time. Ken, then 20 years old, was pursuing a graduate course in music and Ann, 4 years younger to Ken, was a sophomore nursing student at that time. 5 long years later, they decided to get married, on 19th August 1955.

Both their families were very excited to watch them get married. Ann’s mother specifically scheduled their wedding on a Friday night so that the party could go on till the the wee hours of Saturday.

Preserving the wedding cake

Their wedding was indeed memorable. Especially because of their wedding cake. Ann’s grandmother had baked the cake, it was(is) a delicious dark fruit cake. But it was not the taste of the cake which made their wedding unforgettable but a tradition, to which it gave birth to.

Ann and Ken’s wedding caterers had given the topmost layer of the cake to her mother on their reception. The cake was preservable, as it had substantial quantity of alcohol in it. She decided to hang that layer in her cellar in a cheesecloth for it to age. Sometime later it was taken to a baker who smeared some almond glaze over it, iced it with some frosting and turned it into a “timeless cake”.

The tradition

From then, they started a tradition of savoring their wedding cake and their marriage every year on their anniversary. Every year they cut a small piece of the cake, moistened it with brandy and consumed it, to celebrate their marriage. This tradition has been going on for 61 years now, and only a small piece of 3 by 4 inches remains.

Ann and Ken who have turned 82 and 86 years old respectively, feel they might outlast the tradition but its essence will remain with them forever. Their marriage will continue to be as good as it was on day they got married.

Secret of their happy marriage

The secret of their blissful married life is not a secret at all. They love each other! 61 years of togetherness has only made their marriage stronger and their love has deepened. Ann says, they still snuggle in their bed before they go to sleep. Fortunately, their marriage also didn’t have to endure too many storms. They have been blessed with 3 wonderful children and 9 grandchildren who make their life even more fulfilling.

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