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    Gifting Ideas for Couples for the First 5 Wedding Anniversaries

    Gifting Ideas for Couples

    Once all the preparations and functions for the wedding are over, and you are officially married, you reminisce this special day in your life each year on your wedding anniversary. With the growing years, every anniversary has a different meaning and gifts associated with it. In the ancient times, gifts were chosen for what they represent, but today there are modern alternatives which are explicitly designed to help couples furnish their lives together. Here are some of the gifts according to all the significant wedding anniversaries for each passing year and the meanings that are associated with the gifts you are giving.

    1st Anniversary gift – Something made of paper

    Weddings are an expensive affair, with all the decorations and celebrations. So, whoever devised the concept of anniversaries had probably figured out that the happy couple might still be struggling hard with the expenses of their wedding, hence the traditional first gift is pretty affordable. Since the first year of marriage is like a blank sheet and relatively fragile, the tradition of gifting paper seems appropriate for the first anniversary. So, celebrate your first wedding anniversary with some creative paper gift like a handmade paper card with romantic quotes or poems.

    2nd Anniversary gift – Something made of cotton

    Cotton can be seen as the perfect metaphor for marriage. Cotton fabric is made of lots of threads that are woven together and the same goes for marriages. The longer you are married, the more your life gets intertwined with your partner. There are a number of cotton gift ideas that you can think of, so get creative and personalize this gift for your partner, like a pillow photo framed of both of you or a couple bathrobe set.

    3rd Anniversary gift – Something made of leather

    As your marriage matures, your relationship also gets stronger. Just like leather which is durable and traditionally used to protect and provide shelter to people. So, gift your partner something leather as a way to represent this. There are many good gifting options, but if you want to go with the classics, then a wallet or a handbag can be the best and safest choice as a gift.

    4th Anniversary gifts- Something made of flower and fruits

    After the wonderful four years of togetherness, you can see your marriage bloom and partnership ripen before your eyes. So giving gifts comprising of flowers or fruits makes the perfect sense. Online Pune florist offers a wide range of bouquets that you can order before time to be delivered at your anniversary.

    5th Anniversary gift- Something made of wood

    In ancient times, trees were a symbol of wisdom. This is where the idea of gifting wood to celebrate the fifth year of your wedding comes from. Your marriage is strong, and you have grown deep and steady roots that are entwined. There can be a lot of creative and unique gifts that you can give to your partner like a romantic sign to hang in your bedroom, or even a beautiful wooden photo frame to showcase your wedding photos.

    The list goes on, but the starting five years of a wedding are amongst the most cherished and precious for every couple. So, make it a point to surprise your better half with a beautiful yet affordable gift every year on your wedding anniversary.

    Matthew works as a digital marketer manager at Online Pune Florist. He is a travel freak and loves his work.
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