This Friendship Day Confess Your Love To Your Friend

This Friendship Day Confess Your Love To Your Friend

It happens so often in friendships, that one person at some point of time starts to develop feelings of infatuation for the other person. Well it’s not hard to see why, laughing, enjoying, spending a great deal of time together with a close friend can certainly invigorate romantic feelings.

Most of us have been in that position at least once in our lives where we started off with being friends with one person and later started feeling romantically inclined towards them. But with that, came a tedious choice; to confess your feelings and risk jeopardizing your friendship, or, to keep mum and wait patiently till this feeling fades away with time.

When you are sure that your friend is not romantically interested in you whatsoever, it is better to keep your feelings to yourself. But when you think that there is a possibility that your friend might also feel the same way, you can take a chance and express your feelings. Yes, it will make you terribly anxious and in case you get a negative response it will be heartbreaking. But at least you will get to know if your friendship really has a chance to turn into a budding romance like you had hoped for.

Don’t trouble yourself too much thinking about your friendship. If your friendship is truly worth as much as you treasure it, this confession episode won’t affect it much.

So, if you’ve planned to confess your feelings to your friend, here is what you should do:

1. Change your body language

Your body language in front of a friend and in front of someone special is supposed to be quite different. If you want your friend to know how you feel start treating her in a special way. Look into her eyes when you talk, smile generously, behave like you want to impress her.  

2. Try to look attractive

Among close friends, we hardly ever care about the way we look in front of them. But, if you want your ‘special’ friend to notice you, take special care about the way you look. Invest in a good cologne, new clothes and shoes. Maybe get a new haircut, that can change your look dramatically. This will not only draw your friend’s eyes towards you, but also make her curious as to why you are focusing so much on improving your appearance.

3. Start flirting

Flirting is a good way to make people feel good about themselves. So you can start by giving small compliments to your friend. But make sure you don’t flirt too blatantly. You don’t want to freak them out and complicate your friendship

4. Ask for a date

Don’t ask her for a proper formal date, ask her out for a movie or dinner or something like that. Make sure that there is just the two of you and no other friend joins you. Do something special for her in that date, maybe get her a gift.

5. Declare your feelings

Finally you tell your friend how you feel about her. If you follow all the steps mentioned above, by now your friend would have most probably figured out how you feel about her. When you express your feelings to her, it won’t come as a shock to them.

After this, all you can do is just hope that your friend reciprocates your feelings! Good Luck!

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