Will their marriage work? Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis – Newlyweds and new parents!

Will their marriage work? Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis – Newlyweds and new parents!Kutcher and Kunis became husband and wife on the 4th of July in 2015. Many felt like this celebrity couple acted like they were already married. They started dating in 2012 and were engaged two years later. Last year October they welcomed the birth of their daughter. They are now faced with being newlyweds and new parents at the same time. We see celebrity love and celebrity divorce so often in the news. We are so accustomed to the high and the eventually low, so we must ask: will this marriage work?


The Kutchers are no different from those who do not have fame. They are now on a high from being married and from having a child, but they will also face the same challenges that all newleyweds face. They will have to learn how to nurture their marriage and their roles as parents.


1.Find time for each other

A newborn requires continuous attention; they are very demanding even for couples with significant wealth. It is critical that parents find time for each other despite the demands of the child. This is true for those who have been married for years, but even more important for those who are in the early stages of marriage. After all, this is the honeymoon period!


The good thing with being a celebrity is that finding hired help to have date night or even to go on vacation is easy. The Kutchers have been seen out and about as a couple, so it is clear that they are finding time for each other.


2.Share in the parenting roles

The best way to make a marriage with children work is to ensure that both people are sharing in the parenting roles. It is important for both mom and dad to work as team. There are reports from Mila that Ashton is being a hands-on daddy. This is a good sign. If the reports are to be believed, they are definitely sharing their parenting roles. When there is this unity and teamwork, both their parenting relationship and their marriage will be stronger for it.


3.Look out for the yellow signal

It is critical in any relationship to not wait on the red traffic signals, but take action when it’s on yellow. Being both newlywed and new parent at the same time is a full plate. It is the perfect environment for building unmet expectations, feelings of neglect and just being overwhelmed. Learning to express emotions and having those emotions addressed is going to be critical to prevent the red signals. From the reports, it would seem that there are no current signals that will jeopardize their marriage today. They are clearly enjoying each other as a couple and as parents to their daughter.


The problem with celebrity couples is that they only let us see what they want us to see and much of the bad is hidden for as long as it can be hidden. But we all love the Kutchers and like every other celebrity couples we love, we want the best for them and hope that this celebrity romance will indeed be happily ever after!

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