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  • Why Relationships Are So Hard for Celebrity Couples

    Why Relationships Are So Hard for Celebrity Couples

    Why Relationships Are So Hard for Celebrity Couples

    Relationships can be challenging but that challenge is amplified when fame is involved. Every week the tabloids report a celebrity breakup but the persons involved move on to the next romance soon enough. So far Charlize Theron and Sean Penn have split as well as Britney Spears and her now former beau, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, and lastly, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

    It seems like moving from one relationship to the other is simply part of their lifestyle but celebrities are people just like us. They want to find love and better yet, be in a long term relationship. If you have ever wondered why relationships are so hard for celebs, here are a few reasons.

    They forget how to give

    After some time, celebrities grow accustomed to everyone giving to them. Think about it for a second. Celebrities are used to having things done for them. There is always someone there to get coffee, pick out an outfit for an event and book reservations. This lifestyle can make it easy to forget how to give which can really put a damper on a relationship.

     The relationship is under a microscope

    Talk about pressure! That attention alone can prevent a relationship from reaching its full potential. Not only can it cause both parties to act differently but it adds a lot of stress. Imagine having to worry about paparazzi following you on dates or magazines printing stories about your relationship every week? Without a strong foundation, a rumored affair or reports of trouble in the relationship can take a toll.

     Their perception may be distorted

    Fame can distort ones perception of what a healthy relationship is. Celebrities are loved and admired by the public. When they go out people are screaming their names, snapping photos, trying to approach them and asking for autographs. They may crave the same level of attention from their partner at home but that is an unrealistic expectation. This is why it is important for celebrities to remain grounded despite their popularity and success.


    Celebrity couples often split because of conflicting schedules. Distance can make the heart grow fonder but too much can make a relationship difficult. A career that keeps one or both parties away from home can weaken the romantic bond.

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