What we Can Learn from Celebrity Divorces: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

What we Can Learn from Celebrity Divorces: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Ben and Jennifer finally confirmed their decision to get a divorce, after some time of high speculations by the media. They have three children together and have been married for ten years and were united in their statement to the media that their decision to divorce was carefully considered. As fans looking on, we see too often the fall of one celebrity marriage after another. Sadly, this means that many divorces are no longer shocking, but what can we learn from this celebrity divorce?


1. Celebrities are ordinary people

Take away the red carpets, camera, lights and wealth, and celebrities are regular people. They experience the same emotions and are not immune to hurt and pain. If anything, being in the spotlight can often accelerate the already present challenges of being married. We certainly cannot live our lives based on the success of their marriage or even the failure. What we know about celebrities is what we find out in the media. They smile for the camera and are always concentrated on advancing a happy front to the public. Behind closed doors they could be like any other Ben and Jennifer with unmet expectations and roller coaster emotions.


2. Always seek external help

Ben and Jennifer indicated to the media that there were working on their marriage for the past two years. They shared that their decision to divorce came after therapy and even a ten-month trial separation. What is clear is that they were not taking the decision to divorce lightly. As fans we can take this as a good way of dealing with challenges in any relationship. A couple should always consider outside help before taking that ultimate step.


3. Try to be amicable

It is clear from the joint announcement and the therapy efforts that both Jennifer and Ben are trying as much as possible to make this amicable – let’s hope the actual divorce process will not get nasty.


Reports are that while they were staying together for the children, they were living separately to prepare themselves for the eventual divorce. They have also requested that the media respect their private life as they go through this change. They are presenting a united front – something we can all respect and learn from. When the romance is gone, a friendship should remain – especially with children involved.


4. Consider the children

The couple has three children and from the joint statement to the media it is clear that the children were the couple’s primary concern. While it is not healthy for a couple to stay together just for the kids, children should be considered in the decision making process.


Ben and Jennifer are committed to being amicable, presenting themselves as a team and keeping their private life private. Their efforts will surely make for a smooth transition for the children. We can learn from them, to always consider the children in a divorce.


 As fans we hate to see the break-up of a marriage – especially one that lasted for ten years. But in it all, we can take away a few lessons on divorce

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