What Hillary Clinton’s Bid for Presidency Says About Her Marriage

What Hillary's bid says about marriage

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Hillary Clinton is following in her husband’s footsteps and running for president. The candidate and former first lady is striving to change history. After seeing everything that goes into running for president first hand, ranging from the primaries to the inauguration, Mrs. Clinton is in the run and doing well thus far. The presence of a former first lady in the race is interesting enough but some are wondering what Hillary’s bid for presidency says about her marriage. The following 2 points are very clear:


1) They support each other

Hillary Clinton’s run for presidency is certainly an indicator of both equality and support in her marriage. Both Hillary and Bill had an interest in a political career early on but after getting married in 1975, his career began to take off. Although she was establishing a successful career of her own which included becoming the first female chair of the Legal Services Corporation in 1978 and the first female partner at Rose Law Firm in 1979, she took a more supportive role in the marriage after becoming First Lady of Arkansas and later First Lady of the U.S. As said by Mr. Clinton in a 2014 interview with “BBC Newsnight” in India, “I told her when she got elected to the Senate from New York that she’d given me 26 years, and so I intended to give her 26 years.” He was referring to a 52 year pact they made years ago.


2) Both are willing to make sacrifices

Hillary Clinton’s bid for presidency also displays that there is a willingness to make sacrifices. She was there for her husband’s political career and he intends to do the same according to their pact. Sacrifice is an important aspect of every marriage and it has a place in the Clinton household. It’s how spouses give to each other throughout their relationship in order to make each other happy and fulfilled. Hillary sacrificed time in order for her husband to take advantage of opportunities and now Mr. Clinton is doing the same for his wife. As a result, both are very successful and have made their mark in the world of politics.

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