The Meaning Behind Jennifer and Justin’s Long Engagement

The Meaning Behind Jennifer engagement

Long engagements are becoming more and more common. After getting engaged, couples are waiting years before walking down the aisle. The most recent example of a couple that chose to have a long engagement are Jennifer Aniston and her now husband Justin Theroux.


The newlyweds were engaged in 2012 and got married on August 5, 2015. It took 3 years, but they look happier than ever. This long awaited marriage has sparked questions about long engagements. More specifically, people want to know the meaning behind this.


Jennifer and Justin’s long engagement

In Jen and Justin’s case, the reason for their long engagement was a combination of extremely busy work schedules, making the decision of when and where to wed and wanting to get married without paparazzi and media reports smothering the event.


The couple often described as a “great team” faced numerous false reports as a result. Tabloids released stories throughout their engagement pointing the finger at troubles in the relationship when the real meaning behind the wait was positive. They managed to build a strong relationship that didn’t need the title of marriage and took additional time to really get to know each other before finalizing their decision.


Reasons to wait

Waiting to get married is not necessarily an indicator of a rocky relationship or uncertainty. Many couples extend their engagement because it is a memorable milestone in a relationship worth enjoying. There is so much fun and excitement surrounding an engagement which is why some couples choose to prolong this time. Others want to take time to better prepare for marriage. Couples may want to undergo counseling before their nuptials or simply make sure that their futures are compatible. Other reasons to wait include wanting to finish school, save money or not wanting to coincide with a family member or friend’s wedding.


Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s 3 year engagement has shined a positive light on the meaning of long engagements. Their extended courtship benefited their relationship. The happy couple waited until the time was right for them, planned a beautiful wedding, and are now enjoying wedded bliss.

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