Marriage on the Rocks: Are Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas Really Separating?

Cynthia-Peter separation

Sources confirmed that the stars of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas are filing for separation after being married for 5 years. This news could not have come up as a shock to fans who have followed the recent season 8 of the series. TMZ reported that the couple have been living separately, with Cynthia in Atlanta and Peter in Charlotte.
The couple were seen discussing their relationship status during a reunion show with Andy Cohen. They both admitted that they are living separately, but are not agreeing with their separation. ‘I love my wife’, Peter said to Porsha Williams, his cast mate in RHOA.


Peter-Cynthia relationship troubles

According to TMZ, Cynthia disclosed that she was not having a smooth relationship with Peter. The duo are blaming their business for their separation. “It’s kind of complicated. We’ve been married for five years, we’ve been together for eight. We’re the only couple on the Real Housewives of Atlanta that actually was married. We’ve never been married outside the show”, Cynthia said.
Cynthia continued that the show was not the only thing that caused troubles between them, there were many other issues. Their relationship has been influenced by financial, legal and infidelity issues.


Will Cynthia and Peter’s marriage survive?

Peter admitted that he was cheating on Cynthia with waitresses all over Atlanta. He was even caught in a video getting cozy with a young woman. Cynthia has even addressed this shocking news and found it to be ‘inappropriate’.
Cynthia has accepted that their marriage has not been perfect. They both are still together and trying to rebuild their relationship.

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