Making a Marriage Last: Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Secrets


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People want to know the secret to a lasting marriage. We may not want to address it but divorce is on the rise. Although unfortunate, those stats should serve as a wakeup call. Rather than fearing the worse, do something to improve your relationship now. In an interview with Good Housekeeping magazine, Catherine Zeta-Jones discussed challenges in her marriage and shared a few secrets to making a marriage last.


In the interview, Zeta-Jones took the time to address the rough patch her and husband Michael Douglas went through for a few years which included his fight with throat cancer and her bipolor II disorder diagnosis. The first secret revealed by the actress that everyone can implement in their relationship is not giving up when times get tough. She stated, “You have to give it your best shot and not give up when the first problem arises, because that won’t be the last problem. There will be many more down the road.” Rather than throwing in the towel, take the necessary measures to persevere. Successfully getting through troubles together is the best feeling in the world.

Taking a break isn’t a bad thing

Zeta-Jones also touched on the break her and Douglas took during their rough patch. Many see a break as a sign that the end is near when in fact a break can give both spouses the opportunity to reflect, decide what they can do to improve the relationship and work on themselves. Taking a break gave her time to come to terms with her diagnosis and Douglas was able to focus on getting cancer free, both of which they did successfully.

Talk about it

Lastly, Catherine discusses how she wishes she would have talked about her situation more. Although opening up is very difficult for someone in the public eye, confiding in a trusted friend or family member does a lot of good. Marriages are indeed private and are best kept so but talking about personal feelings provides a beneficial outlet that helps relieve some of the stress and concern that accompanies issues in a marriage. Better yet, work with your spouse and improve communication. Doing so allows couples to create a dynamic in which both feel comfortable enough to sit down, talk and resolve problems in a productive manner.

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