Kylie & Joshua Suspend Their Marriage in Support of Same Sex Marriages

Kylie & Joshua suspend their marriage in support of same sex marriages

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse met on the sets of American television program Galavant in 2014. After a couple for public appearances together they admitted being in a romantic relationship with each other. The couple got engaged in the month of February this month. Since then their fans had been eagerly waiting for them to disclose their wedding date. But to their disappointment, Kylie and Joshua have decided to keep their wedding on hold. However all is well between the couple and their relationship is going strong. The reason why they have decided to suspend their wedding is not because of their personal problems but for a greater cause.

The couple wanted to get married in Kylie’s hometown in Melbourne Australia. But now they don’t feel comfortable in getting married there until “ everyone has a fair chance of being with the person they love regardless of their sexual orientation”. In Australia same sex marriage has not been legalized till now. Both Josh and Kylie empathize with the gay community and to show support to marriage equality bill, they have put their wedding on hold. They will not get married until the same sex marriage bill is passed in the Parliament of Australia.

Kylie and Joshua, both have strong affinity towards the LGBT community

Kylie has been accorded as a gay icon in the past. She remains a celebrated singer in the LGBT community and has a huge following with them. The love and appreciation she has received has made her extremely fond of them. Hence she stands strong against the injustice being served to them in her homeland.

Joshua is also a strong supporter of gay rights. He was shocked to learn that Australia, where he was supposed to get married, didn’t support gay marriages. He was determined to do something about it and therefore launched the Say I Do Down Under campaign in social media platforms. He plans to expand the campaign to other countries as well where gay marriages are still not allowed legally.

Kylie sporting Say I Do Down Under tee-shirt

Other celebrities like Margot Robbie, Sia and Kathy Lette have also shown support to the Say I Do Down Under Campaign by sporting the campaign’s promotional tee-shirts in public.

Progress of same sex marriage bill in Australia

The prime minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull has introduced a legislation in which the entire population of Australia will get to vote on whether same sex marriage bill should be passed early next year.

Let’s hope campaigns and initiatives by celebrities Kylie and Joshua, supporting gay marriages have enough impact on the people down under and the LGBT community gets all the legal rights they deserve.

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