Kirsty Gallacher Splits Over Age Gap with Danny Cipriani

Kirsty Gallacher

Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher splits from her husband Danny Cipriani due to their 12 year age difference. Sources say that Danny, 28 and Kirsty, 40 were uncomfortable with their lives as they were in different stages. Kirsty has two children with her ex-husband Paul Sampson while Danny earned the reputation of a womanizer as he dated models like Kelly Brook and Katie Price. The couple had a short-lived romance and both split after six months.

Kirsty and Danny split

The couple were struggling to make things work between them. Plus, Kirsty was already a mother of two kids. A source said, “They decided to go separate ways. It was mostly his doing.” Even Paul Simpson, Kirsty’s ex-did not approve of their relationship due to Danny’s image.

Danny Cipriani

Moreover, Kirsty was aware of Danny’s image, as he had been linked formerly with many models. An insider said, “She and Danny were intense for a while but it became difficult. It didn’t help that he is younger and she has kids.”

Kirsty feels better after the split

Kirsty says she feels better after splitting with Danny. She said, “As a woman, you kind of come into your own in your late thirties and forties. You know yourself and what you want” It was revealed in December 2014 that Kirsty and Danny were secretly dating after her split from ex-husband Paul.


Kirsty is devastated after the divorce but she admits that it was for the best. She feels that one should get into a relationship only if one feels right.

In an interview, Kirsty discussed what she feels about dating, “It’s fun and exciting, but I tried not to put pressure on myself and I learned about you should only do if it’s right. We’ll see what happens next year- hopefully good things! We’re all ten years younger than these days, so 40 is the new 30. I’m feeling better in myself personally, mentally, physically than I’ve ever felt. I think late 30s is the good time for women if you can think positively, it’s the best time of your life.”

We wish for good things to happen for Kirsty and Danny’s future endeavors.






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