Kim, Kanye and a Gorgeous Instagram Photo

Kim and kayne's photo

This week Kim Kardashian-West posted a photo on her Instagram from a friend’s wedding and she and her husband look stunning. If you look a little closer, you can really observe a lot about their relationship. Kanye looks relaxed; his arms hang loosely by his sides. If you follow his gaze, he’s staring at Kim’s pregnant belly. Kim is giving him a tender caress with her hand. Yes, I’m sure there was some posing happening, but there are just some things you can’t fake.


This photo seems to reveal a few things about their marriage:


1. There is a comfort between them

The story of the couple is old news. They had been friends for nearly ten years before dating and you can tell. The Instagram photo conveys this because despite the posing, their postures and body languages are very relaxed.

kim kayne & comfort between them


2. Kanye loves being a dad 
Kim is facing him, but Kanye only has eyes for that baby belly! He seems happy and looks forward to having the baby soon. He has a lot of pride and ego, but I think his children really humble him.

kim kardashian kanye wedding


3. They’re in sync 
The Wests make a fashion statement whenever they’re out together by wearing similar looks to various events. The fascinating thing about this photo is not only the coordinating formal wear, but even the body language matches! Their postures are similar, they both have their eyes half closed and similar head tilts – this shows they really fit well together.

kim and kayne in sync
What can you say really about one photo? Especially, a Kim Kardashian photo? She is a selfie queen and takes photos very regularly; but truth can still come forth from a posed photograph. There is no tension and the posing doesn’t feel forced. There is love and admiration between the husband and wife that radiates from this image.

So, what can you tell about their marriage from one photo? You can tell they really love each other. He appreciates her while she is tender and caring towards him. Clearly, there is truth to the old cliché; a picture is worth a thousand words.

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