Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Give Marriage another Try

Khole and Lamar give their marriage another try

Reality star Khloe Kardashian and NBA player Lamar Odom have called off their divorce after a death scare. What does this mean for their marriage?Things seemed rock for a while. Kardashian had filed for divorce in 2013, and the two had signed papers this July, but things weren’t quite official since the judge and not yet signed off on the divorce. Then things changed.


In October Odom overdosed on drugs, which put him in a coma and scared his family and friends. When he went to the hospital Kardashian was by his side, and now that he’s awake, recovering and started rehab, it’s clear she isn’t going anywhere for a long time. The couple has since withdrew the divorce papers and are still legally married.


The two were married back in 2009 just one month after meeting. Over the course of their marriage, he reportedly had gotten into drugs and even cheated on Kardashian. Despite relationship problems over the years, Kardashian has told reporters that they have always been friends and he will always be special to her, no matter what happens.

A special connection

Perhaps that is the important thing. Despite issues or faults, some couples find themselves wanting to be together again. There is a special connection that they just can’t deny.Getting back together after an (almost) divorce can be a tricky thing. It’s not very often done; though there aren’t clear numbers, some sources say 4% of the population of divorced couples remarry the same person.


When considering such a move, it causes some deep reflection. How do you know if the reason you were divorcing will come back to haunt the marriage later? Can you put up with a partner who may not ever change? Do the reason why you married in the first place still hold true today?


In the case of Kardashian and Odom, following this death scare probably caused both to really look at what is most important in life. Kardashian is now taking on the role of primary support to her husband as he recovers, and perhaps this will be a wake-up call to Odom who may leave his old ways behind.


In marriage, there will always be ups and downs. Some are higher or deeper than others. Will you both bounce back, even after breaking things off? Sometimes, despite hardships, love finds a way.

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