Kaley Covers her Wedding Date Tattoo and Openly Discusses Divorce

Kaley Covers her Wedding Date Tattoo and Openly Discusses Divorce

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The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco recently opened up about her divorce with her husband Ryan Sweeting after 18 months of marriage on the Ellen DeGeneres show. She shared that it had been ‘bizarre and ‘rough’ for her after she had split with her husband.


‘Yes, I am getting divorced. You know, last year was very bizarre and we all go through really weird ups and downs. And you know it’s been rough, but things are going good. I am in a much better place than I was”, said the 30 year old actress.


Cuoco described how she covered her wedding date tattoo after the announcement of her split (she had her wedding date inked on her back). She confessed her tattoo to be a mistake and had to cover it with a moth.   

Significance behind the new ink

Calling the earlier tattoo a mistake, Cuoco choose a moth to cover it. Why? “The significance is, it was big enough to cover the numbers”, she said.


“I made a mistake..Don’t tattoo a wedding date. I know.I know..I had to cover it with the wings. The actress shared her new ink with her fans by posting pictures on Instagram.

Kayle's new ink

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Kaley is moving on

The Big Bang Theory star is predicting 2016 to be a good year after seeing a lot in 2015. The actress is already positively moving ahead towards her new life.


Wish you much happiness, Kaley.

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