Jennifer Metcalfe and Greg Lake See Their Future Together |

Jennifer Metcalfe and Greg Lake See Their Future Together

Jennifer Metcalfe on her relationship

Hollyoaks actress Jennifer Metcalfe and her boyfriend Greg Lake discussed their long distance relationship and marriage plans. The couple are seeing each other since January 2013 and have credited ‘long distance’ for their healthy, happy relationship. Isn’t it great as not every couple who live miles apart from each other consider their relationship a blessing.


Speaking to OK! magazine, Greg said, “It still feels like a six month relationship because we both live in separate cities and we see each other for three or four quality days on the weekend, it means we’re able to miss each other”.

The romantic duo discusses their relationship in depth

Greg told that they never plan for their future, rather they both go with the flow. On this Jennifer said, “Well, we don’t really speak like that, and that might mean that we’re not very romantic or whatever, but that’s just not us.”


The romantic couple says that their relationship goes well because they split their time between Newcastle and Liverpool due to which they never get a chance to argue.


Discussing about marriage, Jennifer says that ‘it will happen one day and that’s something they ‘see in their future’. The next conversation immediately jumped to the topic of family. Greg said, “I think I’d like to have two kids. A boy and a girl would be nice.


It’s great to see so much love and understanding between a couple despite living miles apart and having busy careers. We wish the couple tons of good luck for their future.

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