Jay-Z and Beyoncé: Living Large

Beyonce and Jay Z

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Back in September TMZ reported that Jay-Z and Beyoncé were going to have to vacate the $35.5 million home they had been renting since February for a pithy $150 thousand per month. Just this month they have upgraded to a 20,000 square foot, $45 million rental from Frank McCourt – former owner of the L.A. Dodgers.


Now, there is nothing wrong with a little luxury, and the house is gorgeous. These two work their butts off with their respective projects, but I will admit there isn’t anything smart about spending $150k on rent regardless of whether you’re building/buying a home down the line or if you have the money to burn. The average person doesn’t make that much money in two years let alone for one month’s rent.

Kim and Kayne's gorgeous house

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Why so much?

I say each person is free to spend the money they’ve earned in anyway they please, but it does beg the question: why so much? I understand the need to rent when your job requires you to split your time between the coasts on top of traveling internationally on a regular basis, but 16,000 square feet for three people seems really excessive. The pragmatic part of my brain feels the need to chime in on heating and cooling, losing a child in all of that space, and dear God cleaning it! I don’t envy their maid. Then there’s my lizard brain screaming, “but shiny! Pretty things!” so I guess it balances out.


If you spend the majority of your time traveling, you basically need a crash pad just to store your stuff; and if you’re away you really don’t need a lot of stuff since you live out of a suitcase; and there are only three people (one of which is tiny) who may not even be in the same location at the same time. I guess I just don’t understand the need to advertise the number of zeros are in a person’s bank account. We get it. You’re better than us.


Perhaps I will never understand the mindset of the Nouveau Riche to show off since I have met a few millionaires that don’t spend like they’re millionaires so I have a different outlook. Maybe I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck so long that buying a new pair of jeans would be enough to satisfy me right now.


But good on you Carters! You’ve both worked a long time to get where you are, continue enjoying the fruits of your success; you’ve earned it.

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