Is the Fourth Time a Charm? – Will the marriage of Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick work?

Is the Fourth Time a Charm? – Will the marriage of Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick work?

After being together for six years, Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick decided to tie the knot on July 4, 2015. This is Joel’s fourth marriage and the couple is expecting their first child together this summer. We have heard that the third time is a charm, but can the fourth be too?


The fourth time around

Marriage one, two and three did not work out. The only constant in those failed relationships was Bill Joel. To make any subsequent marriage work, a person must evaluate their previous failed marriage(s), acknowledge their role, and learn from lessons taught in failed marriage(s). By now we hope he has looked into marriage deeply and can enter his fourth marriage with the tools to make it work.


The age difference

Billy is 66 and Alexis is 34 – a 32 year age difference. Their relationship of six years doesn’t appear to be impacted by the age difference – or at least not known to the public. But as Billy ages into the golden retirement years and Alexis welcomes the high golden years of her life, the couple will have to watch out for possible conflict. Maturity level, perspective on life and a way of thinking base on generational differences can quickly creep in.


The bun in the oven

The couple started to date back in 2009 and Alexis is regarded as Billy’s long time girlfriend. They have enjoyed a seemingly great and happy relationship. Could it be that the wedding happened because of the child? Alexis who is 34 and Billy who is 66 may have planned this pregnancy and we could assume that in the planning a marriage was discussed. This newborn will definitely change the dynamics of their relationship.


Being newlyweds and new parents can work together to bring added pressure to the relationship. Their age difference might also affect their parenting roles and general child rearing techniques and expectations. On the other hand, it could bring a new and exciting season to their relationship.


While celebrities seem to get married and divorced on a regular basis, it would be refreshing to finally see a couple that makes it. After three failed marriages, Billy should invest whatever he needs  to make this fourth one works. They do seem to be in love – let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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