Is it the end for Tamara Ecclestone’s Marriage?

Tamara ecclestone

The whirlwind romance of socialite / British model Tamara Ecclestone (daughter of F1 Billionaire Bernie Ecclestone) and City stockbroker Jay Rutland,  took the world by storm after their marriage in 2013. The couple and their two-year-old daughter Sophia seemed to be a happy family, until Rutland was accused of helping James Tarrant, an international drug fugitive, evade arrest in 2010.


What exactly happened?

Rumors of a divorce circulated when Tamara went on two ski trips without Jay,  one of which was right after the news came out about her husband’s arrest. She was also a no-show at her husband’s recent hearing of the case, where the conditions on his bail and other travel restrictions were revealed in court.


According to the court, Jay is not allowed to live anywhere else other than his family’s home. He cannot hold any documents for international travel, including his passport which he had to surrender to the court. The recent hearing was postponed due to Jay’s lack of representation, and was reset to April 6, 2016. He may end up in jail if he is proven guilty of helping Tarrant.


International drug lord, James Tarrant, was featured as the eight most wanted British criminals on the show Crimewatch on BBC. In 2010, he was charged with 14 years in prison for failing to appear in court. He surrendered to the Dutch police in December 2015, after being on the run for 5 years.  


Tamara’s marriage was on the rocks much earlier

Meanwhile, Tamara earlier admitted to several sources that her marriage with Jay has been on the rocks even before the case started. But sources say that his arrest was the final push for her to say that their relationship is finally over. The couple still live in the same house, but they apparently sleep in separate bedrooms. Tamara has not revealed any intentions of filing for a divorce and says that she has to look after the best interest of her daughter, Sophia.


The latest news reveals that divorce is out of the picture as the couple was seen happy again together with their daughter Wednesday morning, as they took a stroll along the streets of London for a family outing. We wish the couple well.

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