How 4 Years Of Marriage Has Changed Kate Middleton

How 4 Years Of Marriage Has Changed Kate MiddletonMarriage changes you. It really does and often times for the better. This is no different even for the likes of Kate Middleton who is the most famous bride since the late Princess Diana.

It’s been 4 years and 2 babies since Kate married her prince, literally. Over the past 4 years of married life, there have definitely been some changes in her from the way she dresses to the way she carries herself. Interestingly, these are similar changes that many women experience after marriage. Let’s take a look at how marriage has changed her.

1. She Appears More Comfortable in Her Own Skin

Be it the insecurity of her budding relationship or her nerves in her new role in the public eye, Kate Middleton has come a long way in appearing more comfortable in her own skin. Looking at pictures from her first public appearances, particularly one now infamous photo of her first meeting with the Obamas, it’s clear that her nerves used to get the better of her. The past 4 years, though not filled with nearly the same endless public appearances and commitments that other royals were held to thanks to the Queen allowing them the first two years to focus on married life, have shown Kate’s confidence increase.

2. She Sticks to her Guns

Marrying into royalty may come with certain expectations, but the way she goes about her domestic life is far from what was expected of the bride of a prince. Kate has insisted on living a “normal” life as a married woman—or as normal as life can be for royalty. Despite having access to all the staff a girl could dream of, she insists on doing her own grocery shopping at the local discount supermarket, getting out for regular exercise on her own and with her husband by running the local trail, and doing her own cooking.

3. She Has Embraced Working Together As a Couple

There’s no question that there was always a bit of a disconnect between the Late Princess Diana and Prince Charles. They may have been photographed together but their lives were quite separate. Fortunately, Kate appears to be dodging the fate of the lonely and unhappily married Diana who never quite felt that her husband had her back. Kate and Will appear to work well as a team, cheering each other on, and taking equal part in their public appearances and other duties.

4. She Dresses the Part

From preppy and conservative when they met and began dating, to favoring sexier styles during their breakup, Kate Middleton’s style has changed over the years. Marriage has also influenced her style. She now wears clothes that are elegant and very much a nod to the man to whom she’s married and her new role. She was known for mixing affordable store brands with higher-end pieces. Her style has definitely changed to reflect life as a married mother of two who is proud of her family and their image.

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