Hiddleswift No Longer Together

Hiddleswift no longer together

Seems like Taylor Swift’s fortune is going to soar some more! She has found herself a fresh ‘unfortunate’ heartbreak and possibly an inspiration for a new award wining song. Taylor and 35 year old English actor, Tom Hiddleston have called it quits after a brief relationship stint of 3 months. Taylor Swift, as usual, is handling the break up really well. She had been spotted in New York city for the first time after their official break up in all her glory.

Though their break up hadn’t been ugly, Tom is rather embarrassed about the whole incident. Sources have revealed that Tom had asked Taylor to join him at the Emmy Awards. This allegedly made her suspect his real reasons for dating her. His need for more limelight and media coverage was apparently uncomfortable for her. Tom’s persistence on being public with their romance made her step back from the relationship.

Beginning of their relationship

Just weeks after breaking up with her former boyfriend Calvin Harris, Swift had been spotted with Tom at the Met Gala in the New York City. There they drove the paparazzi crazy with their fun and spontaneous dance off session. Soon news of their blossoming romance began doing the rounds. The media stricken couple was caught multiple times enjoying intimate moments in various places. They were sighted in the Rhode island beach, in the Vatican city and in Selena Gomez’s concert in Nashville. Apparently, the couple even met each other’s parents in the short span of their relationship.

Only a month after beginning of their relationship Tom was supposedly going to propose to Taylor. Speculations about the couple unveiled that she was going to say ‘yes’ to the Avengers star. She too had been smitten by his gallantry and romantic gestures.

How things went down the hill

Their relationship began to crumble after Tom had been nominated for the Emmy awards for his television program, The Night Manager. He had asked her to accompany him on the red carpet. Taylor, who has never walked the red carpet with any of her former boyfriends had been apprehensive. She was uncomfortable with media attention that they received by appearing together in public. There was a disagreement between the couple which sparked rumors of their separation. Initially Tom tried to shun the news by calling it a publicity stunt. However sometime later the couple came out of the closet and admitted that they have actually parted ways and are no longer together. After the end of July, the couple was never spotted together.

Taylor Swift has always been a pro at dealing with breakups and this time also she fared well. Tom Hiddleston however had been flustered. The alleged reason of the break up showed him in poor light and unfortunately he became the butt of jokes all over the internet.

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