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  • Halloween Costume Special: Celebrity Edition!

    Halloween costume special: Halloween special

    That time of year is upon us. The air is crisp and clean, the leaves are changing, and industrial sized bags of candy have hit retail shelves across the country. It’s Halloween time!

    For couples this is a time for them to get creative and indulge themselves in putting together themed costumes. Couples costumes can be fun, but instead of falling back on Raggedy Ann and Andy or Fred and Wilma, take a look and give some real life celebrity couples a try. For most, a costume can be built utilizing items in their own closet or have to spend very little to achieve the look they want. It’s even fun to put a personalized spin on the looks.


    Sophia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

    This couple is H-O-T and will be simple to put together. For the Sophia look, a low cut red dress and ample cleavage is the base to build off of. Set your hair in loose waves to style. Finish off her look with long thick lashes and a bold brow. For Joe, he’s a casual guy so jeans, a t-shirt, and a week’s worth of facial hair are signature. If you want to play off his True Blood character, go shirtless or find a muscle man costume at a shop.

    Sophia Vergara and Joe Manganiello


    Kim and Kanye

    Now for really playing dress-up. Kim is over the top and show off her curves in skintight mini dresses and sky high heels. Overdraw your lip to fake her pout and contour every peak and valley on your face. She’s all about the (makeup) drama. For Kanye, we have another minimalist. Clean white sneakers and a monochromatic outfit are his uniform of choice, or you can take a cue from the photo above and add a blazer. Just be sure to scowl in every picture to complete the effect. For comedy, add a baby bump to Kim and a bottle of Hennessy to Kanye for a more satirical effect.

    kim and kayne


    John Lennon and Yoko Ono

    I’ll admit, this one isn’t a modern idea, but it would be fun to put together. The two costumes would be similar with the longer, unstyled hair. For John you’d need the round glasses and facial hair. The outfit would only be slightly hippie like. Avoid tassels, fringe, and paisley. For Yoko, try a loose, flowy dress and oversized sunglasses. She wore barely if any makeup so just even your complexion if needed and cover any under eye circles and blemishes.

    john and yoko


    Tom Brady and Giselle Bündchen

    This costume idea is so fun I’ve seen two men do this! Grab a number 12 jersey and draw the black stripes under your eyes. Bring along a deflated ball for the comedic effect. For Giselle, you can go whole hog and wear a bikini and angel wings. For makeup just wear some bronzer and pink lip balm. Set your hair in beach waves and you’re good to go. If you don’t feel terribly bold or comfortable, a women’s cut Patriot tee and a blonde wig will do.

    tom and giselle


    The idea is to have fun with this. Some celebrity couples make it easy to parody them in a really cute way. Push-up bras, muscle suits, stick on facial hair, and scandalous accessories are sure to get a giggle out of everyone at the party.


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