Is Beyonce and Jay Z’s Marriage in Trouble?

Jay Z and Beyonce

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Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage troubles have been making news for quite some time now. Lately, the couple’s marriage is being discussed again after Beyonce released her video album ”Lemonade” which is jammed with Jay Z’s alleged infidelity cases. Beyonce, 35, and Jay Z, 46, have been together since 1999, but it seems that the couple are now facing a rough patch in their married life.


For the first time, Beyonce walked the red carpet alone at Met Gala 2016. Jay Z chose not be there with her at the event. Even after the party, Jay Z flew back to their home in Bel Air, Calif all alone.


A source said, “It didn’t seem a really good reason for skipping the event.” .


Jay Z’s alleged infidelity

The couple met in 2000 but kept their relationship a secret. But soon after the release of Bey’s first video ‘Crazy in Love’, the couple created the image of the perfect A-list power couple. However later on, Jay Z was linked with many women. He was supposedly having an affair with Rihanna. Though the news eventually turned out to be a rumor, Beyonce seemed to have been affected by the gossip. The event marked the beginning of a rift between the couple and things started to go south for them.


The lyrics of her recent album Lemonade pointed at Jay’s infidelity, which cautioned, “This is your final warning/ You know I give you life/ If you try this s**t again/ You gon’ lose your wife.” Even in her previously released album ‘Sorry’, the lyrics appeared to be pointing towards Jay’s rumored affair with Rita Ora or Rachel Roy.


Are Jay Z and Beyonce going to split?

It was Kelly Rowland’s birthday party when Queen Bey confessed that after seven years of togetherness she wants to split with Jay. Bey said she wanted to end her marriage as they have been fighting over everything. Reports say that during the party, Bey was high on alcohol and meanwhile she took off her ring and held it up in the air.


During the Met Gala, Bey was spotted with her sister Solange Knowles and even shared a selfie with Rita Ora, who was rumored to have an affair with Jay.


Insiders believe the couple are working on their marital issues while some believe it to be merely the tip of the iceberg. It is really sad to see one of our favorite Hollywood couples marriage breaking apart. With Bey reportedly saying, she wants a divorce, do you think that Bey and Jay’s marriage will end soon?

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