Cheryl Fernandez Splits with Beau Jean: Couple Battle Over Their Marriage Secrets

Cheryl fernandez splits with beau Jean

The X Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez has parted ways with her beau Jean Bernand just after 18 months of marriage. Cheryl and Jean got married last year in July 2014. But now it seems their marriage is over and Cheryl is filing for a divorce on grounds of unreasonable behavior and other concerns.


It was earlier reported that Cheryl had gotten divorced with Jean five months ago (in August) but both of them still remained on good terms with each other.

Where it all went wrong?

The couple married on July 2014 at Macaroni Beach. According to sources, the place where they got married (at Island of Mustique) is governed by Grenadine Law that states a couple can only divorce after being married for 3 years.

Cheryl admitted that she acted impulsively when deciding to get married and was swept away with the whirlwind of romance. Sources reveal that Jean was hiding his playboy past and even his wealthy upbringing from Cheryl. An insider told MailOnline that the couple is trying to come to an agreement with regards to splitting their assets (Jean is looking for 3 million pounds).

Cheryl-Jean on their separation

Cheryl now wants a divorce deal that includes a clause that forbids Jean to reveal their marriage secrets. Cheryl and JB have not addressed any of their split reports yet.

They both have not been spotted together since October.

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