Brangelina Split Had Been Due For a Long Time

Brangelina split had been due for a long time

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce came as bitter shock to their fans. The couple had been in a romantic relationship for almost 12 years and had 6 children together. But unfortunately, 2 years into their marriage, they have decided to part ways.

Though the news of their split is extremely saddening but their divorce really had been due for a long time. Soon after they got married in 2014 , their relationship began showing signs of vulnerability.

 Brad becoming his old self

Sources close to the couple have revealed that between them, Angelina always called the shots. Brad mostly gave into her wishes. Before his relationship with Angelina, he led his life in a certain way. He changed himself to some extent to comply with her way of living. But lately, he had turned back to become his old self. He became more relaxed and carefree which didn’t go too well with Angelina.

Trying to change yourself for your partner superficially for a smooth and conflict free relationship often does not work out. This change is temporary and nothing more than a pretense. It has to end some time or the other. Both partners should be able to breathe, to be themselves in a relationship.

Difference in parenting styles

Parents of 6 children, Brad and Angelina have very different views on parenting styles. Brad believes in a more traditional style of parenting which includes disciplining children, providing them consistent schooling and a stable childhood. Contrary to that, Angelina doesn’t have a typical parenting style. She does not want to constrict her children. She takes them traveling with herself to different locations quite frequently.

Difference in beliefs over parenting styles certainly created problems between the couple. These conflicts could be one of the reasons for their decision to part ways.

Incompatible ambitions

Brad and Angelina both became celebrities with raging success in Hollywood. Brad continues to be a critically acclaimed actor in the industry but Angelina’s Hollywood career has lost its pace. She has diverted her time from working in movies to humanitarian causes and political initiatives. Apparently, she wants to move to UK for these reasons and is ready to give up her US citizenship. She also wants to take all their children with her. Brad however, did not agree with this which gave rise to conflicts between them. Allegedly this was one of the most important reasons why Angelina had filed for divorce.

In a relationship both partners have to be supportive of each other, their ambitions as well as their careers. For Brad and Angelina their ambitions caused differences between them and hence their marriage has come to an end.

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