Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Heading for Divorce

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt heading for divorce

Hollywood’s power couple “Brangelina” is heading for a divorce after 2 years of marriage. Although they have been in a romantic relationship since the year 2004, the couple got married only in 2014. Unfortunately, their marriage is about to end very soon as Jolie has already filed for divorce. According to a press statement by her lawyer Rob Offer, the reason behind the divorce is “the health of the family”. Apparently Brad’s parenting methods and his marijuana and alcohol fixation created irreconcilable differences between the couple. She has also requested custody of all their six children.

Their relationship

Brad and Angelina met on the sets of Mr and Mrs Smith in the year 2004. At the time Brad was married to his former wife, American heart-throb Jennifer Aniston. Despite his marital status Brad and Angelina got romantically involved. In the year 2005, Brad and Aniston got divorced officially.



12 years together, Brad and Angelina had three children and adopted three more. During that time, Jolie also went through serious health issues and two major surgeries; mastectomy and hysterectomy due to cancer. Brad had been very supportive throughout her illness.




Their relationship started showing signs of vulnerability after one year of their marriage when they did a film together, By the Sea, directed by Angelina herself. Their marriage almost hit the rocks when they were shooting for the film.

In the year 2016, rumors of Brad cheating his wife, with French co-star Marion Cotillard started doing the rounds. Although no verified sources confirmed the news but certainly things were not too well between the couple. Only few months after the incident, Jolie had filed for divorce.

Reaction from the couple

Jolie has not said anything in public about filing for divorce. Her lawyer had given a public statement on her behalf. Brad, however, confirmed the news of their divorce himself. He said he is saddened by their separation but what matters the most is the well being of their children.

Aniston’s reaction on their divorce

Brad and his former wife Jennifer’s marriage had ended 11 years ago, but Aniston’s fans still have that memory fresh in their minds. Rumor has it that Brad had cheated on his (then) wife, Jennifer to be with Jolie. Now, Jennifer’s loyal fan following is rejoicing the split. Along with Brangelina, Jennifer Aniston is also trending on Twitter.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer reacted on this by saying that she never wanted or wished for them to split. But she also said that it was “Karma” for them and she admitted on being somewhat satisfied with their split.

Brangelina’s fans, on the contrary, are heartbroken about this news.  

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