27 Years Age Gap Doesn’t Matter: David Hasselhoff to Marry Hayley Roberts

David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts

Baywatch star David Hasselhoff has announced his engagement with his Welsh girlfriend Hayley Roberts. David, 63, proposed to Hayley, 36, during a beachside picnic in Malibu. The actor met Hayley while he was a judge on Britain’s Got Talent. David told Hello!, “I had a saying, You don’t get married because you want to live with someone, you get married because can’t live without them”.


The actor waited to propose Roberts because he thought he was too old for her as they both have a 27 years age gap. David proposed Hayley many times before, but this time it was special and from his heart, he said.  


Age is just a number for David-Hayley

The couple have been in a relationship for five years. Roberts was overwhelmed when she recalled the moment and said they both were in tears. She told that David had proposed her jokingly a few times before during their relationship. “I thought he was just joking around at first. He asked me before, but it was never for real. Then he pulled out the ring. I cried so hard that he didn’t get around to actually asking, ‘Will you marry me?’ until about ten minutes later.”


For Hayley, the 27 year age gap doesn’t bother her as they both really love each other. She said, “I don’t worry about it. I don’t want to miss out on being with someone I love because of what might happen down the line.” This is going to be David’s third marriage. David has been married twice earlier and has two daughters from his previous marriages.


This sweet love story is an apt example proving that when it comes to love, age doesn’t really matter. What matters is love, which is above everything else.

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