The Top 5 Sexiest Celebrity Men Alive and Kicking

The Top 5 Sexiest Celebrity Men Alive and Kicking

Our definition of sexy varies for different people.  A sexy man can be defined as someone who has a great…

4  min read

Marriage Advice by Michelle Obama to Every Couple

Marriage Advice by Michelle Obama to Every Couple

Michelle Obama, a Princeton and Harvard graduated lawyer better known as the former First Lady of the United States of…

5  min read

Quality care demands that at every stage of the power and economic spectrum

Celebrity Suicide: Decoupled

Earlier this month the world was rattled by the suicides of two of the brightest lights in the realm of…

By Paul Hokemeyer

Therapist, J.D., Ph.D, MFT| 2  min read

Brad and Jennifer seemed to have it all, including a picture-perfect marriage

Four Shocking Famous Divorces That We Can All Learn From

With celebrity culture rife, and rising it’s hard to avoid hearing about what is going on in the world of…

4  min read

Here's top relationship advice from your favorite celebrity couples

Relationship Advice from Top 7 Celebrity Couples

You know a couple is happy when you see one! Sustaining a healthy relationship is no mean feat.If you get…

4  min read

Brangelina Split Had Been Due For a Long Time

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce came as bitter shock to their fans. The couple had been in a romantic…

2  min read

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Heading for Divorce

Hollywood’s power couple “Brangelina” is heading for a divorce after 2 years of marriage. Although they have been in a…

2  min read

Hiddleswift No Longer Together

Seems like Taylor Swift’s fortune is going to soar some more! She has found herself a fresh ‘unfortunate’ heartbreak and…

2  min read

Love Lessons From Celebrities

Falling in love is easy but sustaining it for a lifetime is a challenge for every person. This is especially…

3  min read

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