Interview: Malini Talks About on Business Rockstars

Interview: Malini talks about on Business Rockstars

Mark Lack of Business Rockstars, interviews Malini Bhatia, founder and CEO of

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Malini Bhatia, CEO of was recently featured in an interview with Business Rockstars. There, she shared her inspirational story of establishing

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The idea behind

The domain prior to acquisition by entrepreneurial couple Malini and Sameer Bhatia, had been a website dedicated to weddings. Wedding, which is merely a single day celebration of marital union of couples, has been receiving relentless attention from people for years. Amidst the glitter and pomp of weddings, life long affair of marriage has been somewhat overlooked. Alarmingly high rates of divorce is a stark indicator of the degree of neglect and ignorance marriages have been facing. now, is a fresh initiative which addresses serious and sensitive problems related to relationships and gives meaningful information to resolve common marital issues. It has been rebuilt to focus entirely on the institution of marriage.

How did it all begin?’s founder Malini Bhatia recollects that there was a phase in her life when a lot of her friends were getting separated and divorced, and some were just unhappy in their relationships. She felt deeply for them and wanted to support them. At that time it struck her that there wasn’t much help around for couples who were suffering from relationship problems. So she and her husband decided to start an online platform to help such people, by creating a platform of valuable information about relationships. features myriads of articles from experts, therapists and counselors who provide credible advice, guidance and knowledge for building and sustaining positive, healthy relationships.

Malini Bhatia's interview with Business Rockstars

How helps couples

There are a lot of couples who feel hesitant to seek counseling and therapy for their relationship problems. Some of them try to resolve their problems by searching for help online. But, there aren’t too many websites that provide support dedicatedly to marital issues. Most websites that have some content about marriage are predominantly focused on weddings and proffer limited information about relationship struggles. So, seeks to support couples by providing information on a vast array of topics related to relationships. Unlike most online articles,’s articles are absolutely reliable as they are authored exclusively by verified experts, therapists and counselors. Couples can undoubtedly count on the information available on this website. gaining momentum in the world of internet

The website is catering to a need that is widely prevalent but has not been addressed with the same gravity. Marital issues require urgent attention on a large scale, which is exactly what is doing. It is a meaningful venture that provides great support to people with their relationship troubles. Therefore, it has received a lot of recognition on different websites.

Malini Bhatia has also been featured on websites like Chicago Women and for her successful entrepreneurial journey of

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