Celebrities and the Ashley Madison Leak

Celebrities and the Ashley Madison Leak

On August 18 the Ashley Madison infidelity website was hacked by “Impact Team”. The hacker group held the profiles hostage and threatened to dox the 37 million Ashley Madison subscribers including, credit card information and transactions, photos, conversations, any and all information that was managed on the site. The attack comes not from a drive for money or fame, but from some deeply held moral belief of the Impact Team.

What’s the fuss about?

So far the most well-known celebrity name leaked was of recently tarnished Josh Duggar. In May he was exposed for molesting his sisters when he was fifteen and they were considerably younger. Shortly after his name was released he made a statement on the Duggar’s website admitting to participating on the site as well as other unsavory details about his porn addiction. While Josh Duggar was the first to be publicly outed as being a site member, there is no doubt there are other high profile names with profiles on Ashley Madison; including upwards of 15,000 government and military figures, public servants, and one shamed Orlando, Florida attorney.

As of August 25 only a few more celebrities – well, their husbands – were publicly named as having accounts. Johnny Lavalle husband of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and Josh Taekman (husband of Real Housewives of NY star Kristin Taekman) both allegedly have accounts linked to them. No exceptionally high profile or A-list celebrities have been revealed at this time nor have any outside of Josh Duggar come forward and expressed their opinions on the matter. If there are any celebs registered, they are probably laying low until this whole mess is remedied.

What has recently come to light are two suicides committed within days of the scandal breaking. San Antonio Police Captain Michael Gorhum took his life after his profile information was leaked to the public. This is currently only a correlation, not a confirmed causation. The Ashley Madison hack and subsequent doxing of its users should have the celebrity world on edge as more names come to light.

The good news is, using pseudonyms and false information was common practice for the website’s users this allows for the general public to make easy dismissals of the content unless someone comes forth and confesses much like Josh Duggar.

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