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How to Handle Responsibilities in a Relationship During COVID-19


Are You In A Sexless Marriage?

Are you not intimate with your spouse lately? Take this quiz and find out if you are in a sexless...

Coronavirus Covid 19

Self-care at the Time of Covid-19

I don't know about you but keeping myself grounded and present has been way more challenging of late! Everything I see and hear seems to be about COVID-19. ...


How to Repair your Relationship When your Partner is Slipping Away

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity” ~ Simone Weil We all have those moments in relationships. One minute you feel like the most important person in the...


The Illness of Cheating: Why Do People Cheat in Relationships?

There is a common saying that infidelity is rarely the main issue; that it instead is a symptom (albeit a very hurtful one) of some other troubles. I’m sure most...


3 Signs You Are Headed Towards Ending A Relationship

This concept of chances is one that’s come up lately with couples in my office practice. How many chances should you get? How many chances should you give? How loving...


Marital Separation: How it Helps and Hurts

The conversation about Separation is really one about distance in a relationship; both in regards to physical distance and emotional distance. For the purposes of this article, we will be...


3 Questions About Making a Stay or Go Decision About Your Marriage

We had been married for eight years when the struggles in our marriage became more and more apparent. I wanted a closer, more loving, and more affectionate relationship; my husband...


The Most Important Step to Understanding your Partner

To say that relationships are difficult is an understatement.  As a psychotherapist and couples counselor over the past decade, I have been interviewing and providing therapy to many couples.  The...


Secrets of Long Married Couples: 8 Traits of a Lasting Marriage

A successful marriage requires significantly more than simply love, physical attraction, and common hobbies. The perfect marriage or generally attaining perfection as many of us know is not realistic. Long...

Emotional Intimacy

Restoring Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy is often conceived of a spiritual phenomenon, comprising feelings of love, romance, and connectedness, to a partner. Although it certainly is spiritual for some, emotional intimacy is also...


7 Characteristics Of A Good Relationship

It is not difficult to have a good relationship when the times are easy and carefree when you and your partner are all in at the same time. But times...

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Keys to a Happy Relationship: Being Strategic and Open

  When we first meet potential partners, we are very much in an idealized state. We are excited, in love, and hopeful. We want to see the best in each other...


How to Stop Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

The pressure on women to be in a relationship is crazy, insane, yet it’s been going on for years. It seems that any woman who’s over the age of 21 is...

Mental Health

Why Should You Let Go of Codependency in Your Marriage?

So many marriages are destroyed by codependency: are you codependent in your marriage? Do you frequently question yourself- Am I codependent? As number one best-selling author, counselor, and minister David Essel has...


Overcoming Relationship Difficulties Through Marriage Counseling

Relationships will always be one of the most important aspects of our life that brings happiness into our lives. Having a healthy relationship with our friends, colleagues, and our loved...


Communicating With Ex: 5 Rules to Keep in Mind

When you break up, whether it is a break-up from a committed long-term relationship or marriage, mutual or nasty, it is an extremely painful experience. It brings out different kinds...


5 Effective Strategies for Dealing With a Lazy Husband

A source of irritation and conflict in many relationships is the division of work around the home. Today, most men and women have jobs and careers, but women are still expected...


6 Tips on How to Heal a Relationship After Cheating

I want to applaud you for taking this first step in working through infidelity and healing your relationship. Infidelity is more common than you may think. Most relationships survive it. When...


How to End a Dysfunctional Relationship Cycle

It’s true. It shouldn’t be too hard to accept because it’s the absolute truth. 80% of couples in the United States of America are in dysfunctional relationships, unhealthy, and probably not...


How Can Men Combine Logic and Emotions to Choose a Life Partner

Are you a man looking for love? Millions of men right now, all over the world are searching for love. They are looking for that “perfect partner, “some even would call that...


SOS: Save Yourself First When Addressing Relationship Conflict

Is it possible for relationship conflict to be resolved between partners without rage? Can conflict exist without hurt and regret? What happens if your ego is bruised, or worse, physical...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is marriage, and why is it important?

Marriage teaches partners to share & care, be compassionate. It provides emotional security, merges two souls in one, gives a partner someone to rely on, brings a greater degree of intimacy, emotional security, and also gives a partner someone who will look after them their entire life. Read this article to know more about What Is Marriage & Why It’s Important.

How long should you date before getting married?

Some experts say that there is no specific time while a few therapists consider that the average dating time before engagement depends on you and your partner, your readiness to be engaged and to get married. In the end, each couple is different, and the dating time may vary. Give this article a read to clear any questions about How Long You Should Date Before Getting Married.

How many types of marriage are there?

Based on the personalities of married couples and their relationship dynamics, married couples can have a partnership, be independents, or degree seekers. They may have traditional roles or have companionship. To know about the types in more depth, explore this article about How Many Types of Marriage Are There?

What is the history of marriage?

The concept of marriage has been in existence since 2350 B.C. as per the recorded evidence from Mеѕороtаmіа. Read this article to know how it all began, and What Is the History of Marriage?

What is the purpose of marriage?

Couples get married for various reasons, so the purpose of marriage differs from couple to couple. Some couples get married for happiness, respect, and commitment, while others want to start a family. It can also be the next stage for growth as a couple or the perfect option for those working towards common goals. Go through this article to know more about What Is the Purpose of Marriage?

How can I make my marriage work?

Good communication, being best friends first and a couple later, managing expectations, being understanding, and paying generous compliments can help your marriage work. If things start to go downhill, dig deeper into these principles to follow and read this article to answer your questions about How You Can Make Your Marriage Work.

How can I save my marriage from divorce?

To save your marriage from divorce, first of all, know that it’s not impossible. You should also make time for each other, work on your sex life, have healthy friendships, go for counseling, if required, and don’t allow a divorce ever to be an option. Give this article by Life Coach Shellie Warren a read to know more about How You Can Save Your Marriage From Divorce.

What is the definition of marriage?

According to Malini Bhatia, Founder & CEO,, it’s a socially recognized union between spouses. It's an arrangement to bring about civilization in society. Moreover, a relationship can be defined as marriage when the partners are in agreement, let go of selfishness, shape a new generation, change, learn and grow with each other. To know about an in-depth definition, explore this article about What Is the Definition of Marriage?