Great Marriage Vows

Tips for Writing Civil Marriage Vows

A civil marriage is a marriage performed or recognized by a government official rather than a religious figure presiding over …

By Mary Fisher

Writer| 3  min read

Vows for Marriage around the World

Vows for marriage are an integral part of many wedding ceremonies; an exchange of vows is intended to be a …

By Mary Fisher

Writer| 3  min read

A Guide to Catholic Marriage Vows

Marriage vows have been around for ages—possibly even thousands of years, even before the concept of Christian marriage vows came …

By Mary Fisher

Writer| 3  min read

The Truth About Marital Vows in the Bible

Marriage vows are an extremely common part of most modern wedding ceremonies; in a typical modern wedding, marriage vows will …

3  min read

Why Traditional Marriage Vows Are Still Relevant

Think about the last three weddings that you went to. When it came time for the couple to recite their …

By Shellie Warren

Life Coach| 4  min read

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