When Is The Right Time To Seek Out a Couple Therapist?

when is the right time to seek therapist

There comes a time in every marriage where you may have to reevaluate your relationship. Though you may be very happy together, you may find that you could benefit from couples therapy. It may be due to relationship problems or it may just be that this can help to strengthen your marriage in a whole new way. Sometimes getting out there and talking to a family and marriage therapist can help to strengthen your bond and awaken your connection.


So how can you be sure when it’s time? When can you benefit from relationship counseling and then move forward united? This is a very individual decision and it will benefit each couple in a very different way. There is no “one size fits all” type of solution. Think through a few key areas of your marriage, consider what the current climate is in your relationship, and then talk to each other about the potential benefits of marriage therapy.


Here are a few instances where talking to a couple therapist may help and be a good idea. Though there are circumstances beyond just these listed, these are good starters to get you heading in the right direction.


  • If you are facing some serious relationship problems 
    If you are arguing all the time, if something has happened, or if you just can’t seem to work past the problems that you face. There is no shame in admitting that it’s time to get some couples and marriage counseling. We all face problems in our relationships at some point in time, and having an objective point of view to help you both to talk it through can help tremendously.


  • If the two of you just aren’t talking anymore 
    If you just pass each other in your day and you don’t really talk much, then it may be time to talk to somebody. If your only true form of communication is arguing or yelling, then there is clearly something going on. If nothing else, seeking out marriage therapy can help to get the two of you talking again which is a major element to success.


  • If there are more bad times than good 
    You may have suffered through some setback, faced some adversity, or gone through difficult times. If you feel that you can’t remember the last time the two of you were truly happy, then you definitely need to seek out relationship counseling. It may just be that the two of you are in a rut or that you have to cope with the issues before you. Having a third party to help intervene and get the conversation going is very helpful. It can help you to focus on the positive and remind you why you are together in the first place.


Marriage should bring more happiness than sadness, so turn to counseling to help you to get to where you want to be! It may be difficult to come to a point of recognizing that things aren’t great and you need help, but effective couples therapy will help you to get back on track and move forward as a couple who wants to work at making their marriage a successful one.


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