Six Days to Recovery from Addiction. Day 3 – Push Away from Addictive Behavior

Recovery from Addiction

Today is Day 3 of your recovery journey. The past two days have been important as you have faced the problems your behavior has caused. You have established boundaries and the actions you wish to be freed from because they are destroying your life. Today you will be looking at what thoughts and realities can move you away from addiction.


Push away from destructive behavior – Maybe you have experienced consequences from your behavior. Most people addicted to sex, porn or masturbation have already suffered the consequences of their actions such as marriage and other relationship problems, significant amounts of money spent on acting out destructive behavior, loss of time with family or friends or lost productivity at work, school or home.


Additionally, a sex addict also experiences some consequences only know to them such as hiding parts of yourself from others, feeling bad about you and your issues and the toxic effects of lying to others.


There may also be more consequences you will likely have to face if you continue the addictive or compulsive behavior. The loss of a relationship, the possibility of divorce, breaking up your family, discipline or termination from a job, greater risk to your health are just a few.

Today’s exercise

What consequences are already present in your life as a result of your addictive and compulsive behavior?


Look at all areas of your life that have been affected by your addiction. Consider:


  • Physical health/Medical
  • Mental health
  • Marriage and Relationships
  • Financial
  • Living Situation
  • Spiritual
  • Employment
  • Legal

List the consequences in each of these areas and be specific. Be honest and thorough. Your ego will not want you to face these consequences, but you must if you are going to move away from the behaviors that cause them.

Now, list likely consequences you will face in the future if you were to keep acting out. Again, use the list of affected areas I have listed and be honest.

Use this tool anytime you feel triggered to act out. Remember the consequences you have faced, and how much worse things could get if you were to continue.

Today’s affirmation

Today I am honest with myself about the consequences of my addictive behavior—not to feel shameful, but so I can empower myself with the opportunity that honesty and accountability provides. I also look toward what inspires me. I feel the joy that these inspirations bring, and allow them to guide me back toward the path of healing, growth, and connectedness. 


Good job! This is Day 3 of the First 6 Days of Recovery. You have taken three imperative steps, the first was looking at the problem honestly, the second was defining the behaviors you want to be freed from, and today you have learned to push away from addictive behavior.

You are on your way!

Tom is a CASII (certifed addiction specialist) with a bachelors degree in Social Work from California State University of Los Angeles. He is the Outreach Coordinator for NOVUS Mindful Life Institute, which helps individuals affected by sex addiction. Tom has years of experience working in the social services and mental health fields including working with at-risk youth, in group home settings, in-patient and out-patient addiction services, and with the Forensic and incarcerated population inside Los Angeles County Jails.

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