Best same sex couples Advice and Tips

3 Points to Consider – Child Custody for Same Sex Parents

Since 2015 case of Obergefell v. Hodges, same-sex marriage has become legal in all 50 states, but same-sex parenting can …

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Adoption and Same Sex Couples: Types of Adoption

Adoption and Same-Sex Couples: Types of Adoption

When you are just starting out thinking about adoption, you may struggle to keep track of all the options.  Adopting …

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Gay and Lesbian Adoption and Parenting

Gay and Lesbian Adoption and Parenting

The unmistakable reality is that the laws in America were built for heterosexual couples, and this creates unique legal issues …

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Same sex adoption issues

Gay and Lesbian Adoptive Parents: Life After Adoption

As of the last census, only about 1% of households in America had same-sex couples in them.  This number has …

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Gay and Lesbian Adoptive Parents

Gay and Lesbian Adoptive Parents: Issues and Concerns

Once a gay or lesbian couple successfully adopts a child, they will often still face a number of challenges that …

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same sex adoption

Legal Issues for Gay and Lesbian Adoption

The law related to same-sex couples has changed dramatically in recent years, but adoption laws have not fully caught up. …

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Important Facts About Same Sex Adoption

Important Facts About Same-Sex Adoption

Adoption has become a positive and widely accepted topic today. With the corresponding acceptance of same-sex marriage in many states, …

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Civil Unions and Gay Marriages in Vermont

Lesbian or gay marriage in Vermont have been legalized in May 2009 before the federal law. Due to this event, civil …

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