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How Couples Must Communicate

Yelling, hurtful digs, name calling, defensiveness, sharp tongues, disrespect, and bringing up past issues are a few of the strategies …
Keirsten Provost, Counselor Kelowna, BC

By Keirsten Provost

Counselor, MPCC, RPC| 4  min read

Values Truly Make a Difference in Marriage and Life

Without any type of practice on values, they can quickly become unbalanced or neglected leading to painful communication with our …
Lisa Fogel, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Pittsford, NY

By Lisa Fogel

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Emotional Freedom Technique, Advanced| 6  min read

8 Things Men Want Women to Know

As a woman, you may have surely wondered: “What do men truly want?” Here’s an exact list that explains in …
Clifton E Brantley, Licensed Marriage & Family Associate Pearland, TX

By Clifton Brantley

Licensed Marriage & Family Associate, MA, LMFTA| 7  min read