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Understand the Changing Patterns of Marital Conflict and Ways to Handle Them

Bipolar Disorder Relationship Patterns

Bipolar relationships аrе іndееd а сhаllеngе. Hаvіng а relationship wіth ѕоmеоnе whо hаѕ а bipolar disorder іѕ nоt еаѕу, bесаuѕе …
Sylvia Smith

By Sylvia Smith

10  min read

Best Ways to Handle Marriage to a Narcissist Wife You Love

All You Need to Know About Parasocial Relationships

Attraction towards a particular individual can’t be controlled. Sometimes it’s one’s habit or social behavior, and sometimes it’s one’s persona …
Sylvia Smith

By Sylvia Smith

4  min read

How Do I Deal with an Unhappy Husband?

Reasons Why You Have an Emotionally Withdrawn Husband

Disagreements and arguments in marriage are very common, as you stay longer in a relationship, you tend to get used …
Sylvia Smith

By Sylvia Smith

6  min read

Open communication is important

Relationship Communication: The Power of Speaking without Words

Yоu аrе а unіquе humаn bеіng. Thе реорlе thаt уоu аrе іn rеlаtіоnѕhірѕ wіth аrе аlѕо humаn bеіngѕ аnd аlѕо …
Sylvia Smith

By Sylvia Smith

9  min read

Regulate Yourself, Regulate Your Relationship

Learn How to Regulate Yourself and Your Relationship

Regulate yourself. What does it mean? It means how much you can control yourself, really! On the other term- it’s …
Sylvia Smith

By Sylvia Smith

8  min read

What To Do When Your Partner Stops Trying

What To Do When Your Partner Stops Trying

Pulling dead weight is exhausting. Hopefully you’ve never had to move a real dead body. But maybe you remember the …
Shanna Monahan, Professional Counselor Frisco, TX

By Shanna Monahan

Professional Counselor, M.A., LPC-S| 3  min read

7 Ways To Create And Maintain Stability With BPD Partners

In today’s date, maintaining a healthy and stable relationship with any person is a challenging task. Complications in life has …
Sylvia Smith

By Sylvia Smith

3  min read

How To Grow Together Instead Of Apart After Loss

“Women are talkers, men are solvers.” This is one of the first statements I make to couples when we begin …
Jessica Hutchison, Professional Counselor Barrington, IL

By Jessica Hutchison

Professional Counselor, LCPC| 3  min read

How Men And Women Respond To Stress

Men are from Mars, women are…ignored. Why do men ignore their partners sometimes? And why does it happen during crucial …
Christopher M Johnston, Psychotherapist Nashville, TN

By Christopher M Johnston

Psychotherapist, LMSW| 3  min read

Marriage and the Highly Sensitive Person

Being a Highly Sensitive Person is challenging enough in this world, but in a relationship where our partner doesn’t understand what …
Arne Pedersen,  Victoria, BC

By Arne Pedersen

RCCH, CHt.| 3  min read

What is Mine and What is Yours?

Couple’s counseling is a delicate maneuvering of a relationship from an undesired state to a desired state. Sounds simple enough. …
Kaley Chiles, Counselor Ste 100B, CO

By Kaley Chiles

Counselor, MA, LPC| 3  min read

How Do I Make My Partner Realize Their Responsibilities?

Is your partner chronically late? Do bills go unpaid or appointments somehow never get made? Is looking for important paperwork …
Sylvia Smith

By Sylvia Smith

4  min read

Relationships are Hard But Counseling can Help

Relationships are hard. The stories we are told about marriage discuss dating and romance and end with couples living happily …
Konstantin Lukin, Psychologist Ridgewood, NJ

By Konstantin Lukin

Psychologist, PhD| 3  min read

Questions to Ask Before Marriage 2

Questions to Ask Before Marriage

Having a spouse means loving someone who knows everything about you—and who loves you in spite of, or perhaps because …
Zawn Villines

By Zawn Villines

Writer| 4  min read