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Should I Get a Divorce

Basics of Financial Planning for Women After Divorce

Women sometimes go into divorce with a mistaken impression that they are likely to come out with a golden parachute. …

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Research all aspects of financial planning

Financial Planning After Divorce- Things to Consider

As the divorce process moves forward, both spouses need to be thinking about financial planning after divorce.  Each person will …

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Seven Silly but True Reasons Why Couples Divorce

Pre-Divorce Financial Planning – Is It Only for Women?

When the inevitability of divorce suddenly starts looming on the horizon, it can be both challenging and confusing, not just …

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Smart Financial Planning for a Divorce

Want the Ring Back? Smart Financial Planning for a Divorce

Only on an HBO series with Sarah Jessica Parker is there anything remotely comedic about divorce. ‘Til death do us …
Lori Atwood

By Lori Atwood

Certified Financial Planner| 3  min read

Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce Financial Planning- Money Management Post Divorce

Most couples that are splitting up really should think about divorce financial planning.  It is a unique specialty that many …

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Planning for the Future: The Marriage Financial Checklist for Every Couple

Planning for the Future: The Marriage Financial Checklist

Isn’t it interesting that when it comes to planning our weddings, we are extremely meticulous—right down to the color of …
Shellie R. Warren

By Shellie Warren

Life Coach| 5  min read