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Break The 6 Barriers to Effective Communication in Marriage

A healthy relationship can only be built on the basis of effective communication in marriage. Good communication can impact a …

4  min read

Marriage and relationships

16 Principles for Effective Communication in Marriage

Communications is a common theme in my counseling practice with couples. Good communication in marriage is the cornerstone for any happy …

By Jo Ann Atkins

Counselor, DMin, CPC| 4  min read

4 Common Communication Problems in Marriage

4 Common Communication Problems in Marriage

Marriages have a tendency of becoming platforms for all of our inner conflicts and games we play with ourselves and …

4  min read

The Key Components Of Communication In A Relationship

Communication is the elusive temptress that permeates between two people. She is a fickle mistress and needs to be catered …

By Craig M. Lewis

Professional Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor| 3  min read

Tips To Communicate With Your Partner When You Disagree

Effective communication in a marriage involves much more than just talking. It’s all about understanding your partner, listening to them …

3  min read

Don't repeat your past mistakes in life

4 Communication Mistakes You Probably Make in Your Relationship

Rule: Quality of communication equals quality of a relationship. There’s probably no one who would disagree with that. Psychology confirms …

4  min read

Communication And Listening For Understanding

There are ways to communicate effectively so that marital conflicts may be defined, addressed, and worked through.  You are not …

By Janelle Johnson

Counselor, MA, LPC| 3  min read

Improve Communication With A Few Simple Strategies

More often than not, the couples that I meet with tell me that their number one challenge is communication. What’s …

By Shannon Stonebrook

Psychologist, LPC| 3  min read

Great Connections: How to Communicate Respectfully with your Spouse

Ask happy couples what they think is key to keeping their relationship bright and joyful: “good communication skills” will be …

5  min read

Creating More Love Through Conscious Communication

Have you ever felt that your partner wasn’t giving you what you needed when expressing what was on your mind? …

By Arne Pedersen

RCCH, CHt.| 3  min read

Communication Styles and Maintenance in Relationships

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines communication as, “the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviours to express or …

By Stephanie Robson

Counselor, MSW, RSW| 5  min read

The Communication Toolbox For Your Marriage

Jane and Carl are having the same old argument about the dishes. Jane says to Carl, “You are just so …

By Esther Lerman

Counselor, MFT| 4  min read

Five Do’s and Don’ts for Effective Communication in Marriage

Communication is arguably what makes or breaks any relationship. It is occurring all the time in a marriage at some …

5  min read