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What Happens to Property When You Divorce

What Happens to Property When You Divorce?

There is no doubt that divorce is one of the most upsetting and painful processes you may experience in life. …
Jane Tenquist

By Jane Tenquist

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Financial Advice During Divorce

Important Financial Advice During Divorce to consider

  Many people go into a divorce after watching too many movies and thinking that a divorce happens quickly.  The …

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How Are Retirement Assets Divided in a Divorce

How Are Retirement Assets Divided in a Divorce?

Many people headed into a divorce think “I’ll get to keep my retirement accounts.”  It is not that simple, though. …

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How Is Inheritance Handled in Divorce

How Is Inheritance Handled in Divorce?

A divorcing spouse will often feel that it is just not right for the other spouse to get a piece …

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How Divorce Affects Inheritance of Property

Marriage and divorce are legal constructs developed over the course of history when family relationships were fairly uniform. People tended …

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Avoiding Passing Assets to Spouse

A common question that arises during the estate planning process involves what assets a surviving spouse may inherit from the …

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What is a Living Trust?

One of the most useful types of estate planning documents is a living trust.  Though not as widely known as …

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Considering a Family Trust When Married

When you get married and are looking to protect your assets for your family, forming some types of trusts can …

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Marriage and Trusts

When you get married, chances are you will bring in assets and property that you had before you were married. …

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