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Equitable division of properties

Does The Wife Get The House in a Divorce – Get Your Questions Answered

During the process of divorce, the most controversial question would be who’s getting the properties and assets. Most often, the …

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It is a sin and a violation of the covenant

Can You Sell Assets During a Divorce? Your Questions Answered

Most of the time couples who are out for divorce would already have plans for their future. It’s just right …

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Can I Keep My House in a Divorce Must-Knows to Consider

Can I Keep My House in a Divorce? Must-Knows to Consider

Divorce is no walk in the park. There is a ton to lose; not just monetary but emotional as well. …

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Advantages of family planning

4 Reasons to Help Decide Who Gets the House in a Divorce

A family home is a place where endless memories are made. Sadly, if you are thinking about ending your marriage …

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Ohio Divorce Laws - Property Division

How to Protect Your Home During Divorce

When getting married, no one anticipates marital breakdown, and no one plans for it – yet with divorce rates at …
Kerry Smith

By Kerry Smith

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Division of Retirement Assets in a Divorce

Division of Retirement Assets in a Divorce

Although retirement assets can be significant, they are often something that couples don’t think much about until they are closer …
Daniele Johnson

By Daniele Johnson

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Real Estate Division in Divorce

Real Estate Division in Divorce- What Happens to the House Jointly Owned by the Couple?

Research from the Pew Research Center shows that for most people, their home is their most important asset.  More than …

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Searching For Hidden Assets At Divorce

The most contentious part of many divorces is splitting up the assets owned by the couple.  Sometimes it is relatively …

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