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Why You Should Get a Divorce Contract

Getting Divorced? Here’s Why You Should Get a Divorce Contract

Marriage is a unique legal issue.  A marriage can be thought of as both a contract between two people and …

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What Help Can You Get From Marriage Lawyers?

For the most part, marriage lawyers do not actually get involved in anybody’s marriage.  Lawyers tend to get involved either …
Sylvia Smith

By Sylvia Smith

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The Importance and Benefits of Divorce Care

How to Win a Contested Divorce

For much of America’s history, the law frowned upon divorce. Breaking up a marriage was really only possible if one …
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By Rachael Pace

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Things to Consider Before Divorce

Divorce Help – Things to Consider Before Separation

Oftentimes couples headed for divorce think only of movies like Kramer v. Kramer, where a wife played by Meryl Streep …

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Family law covers three areas basically matrimony, financial settlements and child care.

A Guide on the Importance of Family Law

A balanced and civilized society is an indication of a lawful entity where abiding by the laws is a moral …
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Marriage Needs A Contract Not A License

The other day I had an interesting conversation with my 10-year old son, who has recently become very intrigued by …
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Common Law Partner Agreement

What is a common law partner and what does common law partner mean? Common-law marriage is where a couple is considered …

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Common Law Marriage Agreements

In states that recognized them, common law marriages are given the same rights, privileges and obligations as conventional marriages, for …

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Sample Property Settlement Agreement

After a couple have decided to part ways, they both must go through the process of dividing up their marital …

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Common Law Marriages

There are many reasons why couples who are in committed long-term relationships choose not to marry, perhaps because: They are …

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Common Law Marriage FAQ

Common law marriage is an ancient doctrine that comes from the old English common law and can establish a legal …

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Checklist: Documents That Establish a Common Law Marriage

In some states, a marriage can be formed without the typical formalities.  This can be done using the common law …

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Alimony and Taxes

Financial assistance in the form of alimony is often ordered to be paid by one former spouse to the other …

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State Laws: Common Law Marriage

In common law marriage policy, an individual is taken to be legally married, in spite of not obtaining a marriage …

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What is Common Law Marriage?

In some states a couple may live together for a defined period, effectively acting like a married couple without being …

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