Oklahoma Divorce Laws – Key Points

Oklahoma Divorce Laws - Key Points

The professional basketball team based in Oklahoma City was named the Thunder, partially because of its proximity to the infamous Tornado Alley and also because of nearby military bases and sonic boom testing that happened there in the 1960s.

If your marriage is blowing up you might need to learn about divorce in Oklahoma.

How to file for divorce in Oklahoma

Oklahoma allows divorce on both fault and no-fault grounds.

In reality, most people wondering how to get a divorce in Oklahoma will be filing for divorce in Oklahoma on a no-fault basis.

Fault grounds include adultery, abandonment, fraud, and cruelty.  There is no reason to try and prove adultery to get a divorce, though.

Most couples will get divorced on the no-fault ground of incompatibility.  That simply means each spouse wants to go their separate ways.

Once you choose your grounds for divorce, the divorce documents, primarily a petition for divorce, need to be filed with the court.  The petition states the basis for the divorce, and also provides information on each spouse so the court will know if they have to resolve issues related to property or children.

The person filing a petition has to make sure the other spouse gets a copy.

Cost of divorce in Oklahoma

There is no easy way to put a price on a divorce.

Lawyers are expensive, and many people wonder how to file for divorce in Oklahoma without a lawyer.  The typical bare minimum cost is going to be the court filing fee, which is around $242.14, but that can be waived if you cannot afford it.

A simple uncontested divorce in Oklahoma where the couple can agree on how to split their property and care for their children can be inexpensive and usually completed without a lawyer.

How to file for uncontested divorce

The uncontested divorce process is not completely different than a contested divorce.

The big difference is that the couple will have already resolved their disputes before going to court. So, they are not asking the court to figure out how the divide their property as part of their uncontested divorce in Oklahoma.

Instead, the court will simply review the proposed settlement from the couple and then approve it unless there is some problem.

In fact, one spouse can waive the appearance so that only one spouse has to show up in court.  Oklahoma uncontested divorce forms and other Oklahoma divorce forms are available online from many county courts, or from Oklahoma Legal Aid.

Alimony in Oklahoma

Oklahoma alimony laws are relatively straightforward, but open ended.

A judge is essentially allowed to award whatever he or she thinks is appropriate. Factors like the age of each spouse, the length of their marriage, and their earning potential are considered.

The idea was created to keep ex-wives out of poverty, but in modern times a divorced spouse is generally expected to become independent.

Alimony is fairly rare today, and awarded most often in cases involving long marriages where one spouse has foregone a career in order to support the other spouse’s career.

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