Divorce Papers: Tips for Finding the Other Party to Serve

Finding other party to serve

During the divorce process, there can be times when the party or spouse being served disappears or makes it difficult to locate them. When this happens, there are tips you can follow to attempt to locate them.

  • Start by sending a letter to the person’s address.  Write “Return Service Requested. Do Not Forward.” as the return address. If the concerned party has changed their address with the post office, you will receive the letter back with the new address. 
  • Go to the local post office and ask for the person’s last known address.Check if there’s any other forwarding address. 
  • Call “411”. Check city/cities where you presume the person could be. Search free online telephone directories.
  • Search online on different websites. Look up on social networking sites.
  • You can also use a reverse phone directory online.
  • Contact the person’s relatives or friends, and request them for information.
  • Contact the person’s past employers, and request them for information.
  • Search property records if the person owns property. 
  • Have the county tax assessor’s office search the tax rolls or obtain it from the county registrar/recorder’s office.
  • If you think the person may be in prison or jail, follow these steps: contact the local, state, and federal prisons or search their Inmate Locator databases online.

The above steps can help you locate your spouse so they can serve the divorce papers.

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